Monday, November 9, 2009

drawings in the works

So I've been pretty busy lately... I have graduated from college... been broke for a summer.. still working for my internship... Moved to a new location... and now teaching art at a youth center. Now that I'm settled in to my new job I've had a found time to draw. I hope u guys enjoy.


Helena Ecija said...

Hi Elgin! Love your drwings, are you gonna give them some color? You should!!!

I am glad to hear you are happily working in a youth center, that sounds nice. What do you do there? and where are you now located? Far from chicago??? I will be coming back to Chitown after Xmas, Very exciting!

Elgin-Bokari said...


thanks for the comps Helena don't worry new color drawings are coming real soon my photoshop isn't working right now some I'm just drawing stuff for now.

The youth center is actually located in Chicago so don't worry I'm not going anywhere right now. O but to answer ur question I'm teaching art and assisting at the center.

I cant wait to see u buddy.