Friday, December 24, 2010

New Comission stuff

So I haven't posted in awhile and that's mostly because I've been so busy with all the commission work and teaching the jobs. Even though everything has been super busy I've made a lot of really cool work. So here is a bit of an update on my last few months.

So the first commission came from a new rapper name Lee How who just finished his first mixtape entitled Art Project. Lee produces his own music through garage band and writes his own lyrics and tap dances. Yours truly was put in charge of doing the album cover and Lp. CHeck it out!!

You can download the Art Project at-

The biggest Project thats been taking over most of my time has been this commission I've been doing for Juvenile justice. I was hired to draw all the illustrations for a booklet to help the new inmates with the proper process after being arrested. I cant put up the main drawings but here are a few that were not selected for use. Don't worry I still got paid for them lol.

Besides the crazy commission stuff I've had time to do a few fun things. I'm working on a new comic strip with my friend Maurice "Flash" Meaway. We realized though out time If there is a cool black person in an anime cartoon there either going to look like Me, Maurice, or raciest. As we further talked about this issue I wondered what would happen if they were to show up to the same auditions. Thus STAB-D was born, STAB-D stands for Stereotypical Black Anime Black Dudes. Were still writing the stories but here are the first two shorts.

Flash-Black dude with the Dreadlocks
Gino-DAt black dude with the Glasses

Flash and Gino finds out Dragon Ball Z is making a new series called DBZ Kai. Flash thinks it might be some room for some brothers.

Also made a little time to draw my favorite chain smoker CHoi.

Now that most of my commission stuff is done for a while I hope I get time to work on the next issue of Shmo. I started this cover awhile back and just finished it.

This last drawing is a present I did for my sister and little niece. As most of you would know a lot of new disney princess movies have been coming out and my sister thought it would be a great idea if for a christmas gift If I drew my little niece as a princess.