Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One Busy Dude

It has been very busy in the life of Elgin Smith with the teaching, and commission work never the less I have made time to do some fun side drawings. Check it out!!

This is a new logo design for my buddy Ryan Keesling who is a electronic artist. He's an amazing Dj if you wanna check out his stuff go to his web site -http://www.searchl1te.com/v1/

Speaking of Logo's I have recently changed mine as well. The more I draw myself as the bunny the more it evolves. In this design I look more like the cartoon rabbit then human. I plan to use the big image for my business cards.

I went home twice in the last few months and each time I found a lot of my old drawings ( my mom keeps everything). Being home brought up a lot of great memories, and I noticed I had a lot of characters I haven't Drawn in ages. So I was curious what they would look like if I drew them today.

here's one: This guys name is frozon

here is the updated look

Over the Weekend I met a lot of great black comic artist and it inspired me to resurface one my old black heroes. I believe every artist has at least one hero thats loosely based off themselves, Thotmes is mine. For those of you that don't know I have a very strong martial arts background and actually a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. So one of my first characters I created as a kid was a black Martial Arts expert by the name of Thotmes. Thotmes is my middle name and the name of a famous pharaohs of Egypt. The word Thot comes from the egyptian God of thinking. Thus my character is highly intelligent and reads peoples moves before they make them, the only downfall is he has Photophobia, which is sun light sensitivity. So my character his to constantly operate in the dark and if he walks around in the day he has to keep his eyes close, or squint.

Heres an old picture of him from my freshmen year of high school. (he's the black guy)

This sketch was a few years later I believe my second year in College.

Here's the new drawing I wanted to do a few color choices.

While Strolling down memory lane I wanted to pay homage to my favorite comic hero Nightwing. As a youth I loved the art style of Scott McDaniel. The way he infused movement into his drawing made me want to do animation. So in a way this drawing is a homage to him. -http://www.scottmcdaniel.net/-

This last drawing shows the most important characters I've created through out the years; Electro Kid, Revel, The Shmo, and Choi.