Friday, March 7, 2014

WOW It's been a long time since I've post anything on this blog but I'm still here. Since japan I've been teaching visual arts for numerous schools, doing a lot of music and art shows. Here are a few of the drawings I've been doing lately enjoy. Last time we checked in with each other I went to Japan to see one of my favorite music groups Bop Alloy. Bop Alloy, comprised of Baltimore, MD emcee Substantial and the Seattle, WA producer Marcus D, haven't set out to be the next group with a throwback sound, but to "make quality music that anybody, from any walk of life can enjoy," says Marcus. Im proud to call these guys friends now and they even came to Chicago in 2012 for a tour I put together called Wildhare, based off the tumblr title. My interactions with Bop Alloy inspired me to do a tribute drawings to all my favorite artist who make music in the same style of Nujabes. Nujabes Jun Seba-
Marcus D-

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